Why Choose Hatch?

One Subscription. Exactly what you need to launch and run a successful podcast for your business. 

"It was apparent they knew their stuff and would be the best possible partner for us."

State of Demand Gen

Angelica Taylor

"Someone messaged me to ask how I got the podcast audio sounding so good."

Exit Five Podcast

Dave Gerhardt

"They're flexible, communicative, and easy to work with!!"

API Intersection

Bailey Gannett

“Hatch has been a huge unlock for helping us with post-production for our podcast."

A Whole New Level

Ben Grynol

"You just tell them what you're recording with and they do all the rest."

Modern Startup Marketing

Anna Furmanov

"They are top notch pros with an easy to use system."

Food Chained

Vasa Martinez

How podcasting helps your business

Let's unpack the benefits that podcasting can have on your business.

Book Demo

Sales Enablement

Client Nurturing

Employee Onboarding

Company Updates

Customer Outreach

Sales Development

Marketing Assets

Account-Based Marketing

Sales Re-engagement

Demand Generation

Employer Branding

Thought Leadership

Templates Galore

Save time by getting all of our best templates needed running a successful podcast (guest outreach, interview outlines, etc.).

Podcast In A Week

A $1,000 course (Hatch customers get for free) that teaches our best playbooks for creating and launching a successful podcast for your business.

Every Hatch member gets these for free

Hatch goes above and beyond to provide resources, playbooks, and best practices to our customers to help ensure you create a winning podcast.

How We Compare

Unlimited - Unlimited editing (one request at a time)

Fast - 3 business day turn-around per episode

Strategic - Coaching calls & templates included

Affordable - Simple & affordable pricing structure

Easy - Upload your episode and we’ll do the rest

Start Quickly - Get started within one business day

Flexible - Cancel or pause anytime

Other Services

Restrictive - Limited number of episodes per month

Slow - Over one week turn-around time per episode

Expensive - 2x - 10x more expensive than Hatch

Upcharges - Additional resources cost extra

Long Contracts - 6 - 12+ month contract commitments 

Ramp Up - Typically takes 2 - 6 weeks to get started

Time-Intensive - Lots of project management meetings

A note from our founder, Erik...

At Hatch, our mission is to help you create a podcast that not only sounds pro, but one that works.

We designed Hatch to solve for the things we believe are most important when it comes to creating a show that produces results for your business - strategy and editing.

All for the most affordable rate in the world.

Why did we focus on solving these two problems?

1) Without the correct strategy, your show will likely not lead to the business results you want (even if your execution is perfect).

2) The technical component of podcast editing is not something your team should be spending their time on (instead, that time is better served working on making the content the best it can be and marketing the show).

Let’s team up and make something special together!


Founder, Hatch

From our happy clients