Everything you need, and nothing you don’t

Nobody knows your audience like you. And no agency can create content as good as your subject matter experts.

So instead of charging you for things you shouldn’t outsource, we built a subscription that lets you outsource the most tedious and time-consuming parts of content creation, so you can spend more time on what matters most: developing and recording original insights and unique content that your buyers will love.

The result? More quality content, for one low monthly price.

Audio episodes

We’ll remove any gaps or content you need, mix & master your episode, and add your custom intros, outros, ads or music.

Video episodes

We’ll produce the video version of that episode you can share on your website or YouTube.

Video clips

We’ll pull out the best takeaways and insights and create custom caption video clips formatted for any social platform.

Written assets

We’ll send AI-enhanced written assets from each episode to help you save time in creating show notes, written social content, blog articles, email newsletters, and more.

Strategic guidance

We’ll share proven templates to help you create content faster, and provide strategic guidance on how to structure or grow your show.

Guaranteed turnarounds

Get your episodes and clips in 4 days, more than enough to maintain a weekly show.

Hatch vs. Other Services


4 business day turn-around per episode


Strategy calls and templates included


Upload your episode and we’ll do the rest


Everything you need for one low monthly rate


Pause payments and service anytime

Start fast

Get started in a week or less


Over one week turn-around time per episode


Additional resources cost extra


Lots of project management meetings


2x-3x more expensive on average


Long contracts and no pausing payments

Ramp up

Typically takes 2-4 weeks to start