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Unlimited edits (one-request at a time)

Fast - delivered in 3 business days

Pro - 1,000+ episodes produced

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Flexible - cancel anytime

Unlimited team members

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“We were looking to bring our podcast production to the next level when we heard about Hatch. Initially, we were hesitant about outsourcing our production, but after a few conversations with the Hatch team it was apparent they knew their stuff and would be the best possible partner for us. We've been working with them for over a year and a half now, and they are continually making positive changes to the services offered, which were outstanding to begin with. We've stood up 2 more podcasts since and working with Hatch to produce them was a no-brainer. I've recommended Hatch to other colleagues and connections and will continue to do so. ”

State of Demand Gen

Angelica Taylor

Marketing Manager, Refine Labs

Someone messaged me to ask how I got the podcast audio sounding so good. And I said well I record with a Shure MV7 mic over Riverside, and then send to my friends at Hatch and it just happens lol.

Exit Five Podcast

Dave Gerhardt

Founder, Exit Five

Hatch was fantastic at quickly jumping on each podcast episode we have and turning it around a very quick manner with great production. They're flexible, communicative, and easy to work with!! Great price point and easy logistics to get what you need to be successful. We were able to produce as many podcast episodes as we needed with ease!!

API Intersection

Bailey Gannett

Marketing Manager

Hatch has been a huge unlock for helping us with post-production for our podcast. Working with the team has been seamless and it's allowed us to focus our time on creating content instead of editing it. We wouldn't be able to scale our podcast – A Whole New Level – without Hatch!

A Whole New Level

Ben Grynol

Head of Growth, Levels

I needed a sounds editing team and heard about hatch in the B2B space where I do a lot of my studying. Eric and his team are top notch pros with an easy to use system. You just tell them what you're recording with and they do all the rest. Do you stutter a lot? They got you covered. Didn't like a particular section? They got you covered. You get all audio back in 48 hours or less without any hiccups. I absolutely love working with hatch.

Modern Startup Marketing

Anna Furmanov

Founder, Furmanov Marketing Consulting

I have done 95 episodes so far and there are never any problems. It is a set it and forget it model and I love it! They are super responsive when it comes to edits. It has been so easy. I would recommend Hatch to anyone!

Food Chained

Vasa Martinez

Founder, Perfy

Save big with Hatch

Editing episodes yourself

Demands dozens of hours of your time per month

Hiring a freelancer

What happens when they go on vacation, and how will you be able to vet if they are as good as they say they are?

Using artificial intelligence tools to edit

Do you really want your podcast to sound like a machine edited it?

Other editing companies

Overly complex and expensive pricing structures

Frequently asked questions

Answers to questions we get from time to time.

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How many shows can I use my account for?
How many requests can I submit at a time?
Do you help strategize on my intro, outro, music, and ads?
Do you provide music or sounds effects for my podcast?
Can I cancel anytime?

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