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Exit FIve Podcast
Dave Gerhardt
Someone messaged me to ask how I got the podcast audio sounding so good. And I said well I record with a Blue Yeti mic over Zoom and then send to my friends at Hatch and it just happens lol.
Kellie Rene Hall
Ever since I've started working with Hatch, I've enjoyed producing my podcast again.
BRAG Podcast
Espree Devora
The Hatch team is so proactive and thoughtful. I trust them. That's hard to come by with a podcast editing team.

What's included

Great sounding audio is just the starting point for a successful podcast.

Unlimited Editing

Send us as many files as you'd like every month. We'll work one at a time, and get each one back to you in two business days.

Podcast Strategy Coaching

You don't only want a professional sounding podcast. You want a successful podcast. You will have on-demand access to calls and emails with our podcast strategy team anytime you need to talk about things like show strategy, marketing, guest acquisition, and hosting best practices (among other topics!).

Templates & Playbooks

We'll provide you all of our podcast best practices templates. These include things like our launch blueprint, guest outreach email scripts, content calendar system, hosting guides, and more.

Podfade. You've been warned.

Most podcasts never make it past 8 episodes.

This is so common in fact, that there's a name for it - Podfade.

Podfade is when someone gets excited to launch their podcast, and then quickly realizes how much work and time it takes to do it well (and consistently)....and then quits.

Almost all podcasts are launched with excitement and good intentions, but then one of 3 things can happen:

1) Burnout - The host gets burned out quickly because they are doing everything themselves.

2) Results don't happen fast enough - The host has unrealistic expectations for how many listeners, how much revenue, and how many superfans they will have shortly after launching their show.

3) Support - The host isn't sure how to execute their show in a way that will drive the results they want.

Each of those 3 things lead to Podfade, and Podfade is a podcaster's worst enemy.

If you're able to keep your podcast going long enough, you will have some level of success (a little or a lot).

If you quit early, you won't have any success.

In fact, if you quit early, you might leave thinking you wasted hundreds (or thousands) of dollars and dozens (or hundreds) of hours.

We don't want that for you.

We want you to not only have a successful podcast launch, but to have a show that is around long enough for you to actually see the results you want (aka, the entire reason you started a show to begin with).

This is why we built Hatch - to stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your fight against Podfade.

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How it works

Your on-demand, professional podcasting team.


You send

Upload your episode, along with the edits you want us to make.


We edit

We'll edit, mix & master it, and add your intros, outros, ads or music.


Easy as that

Just approve the final edit, and we'll send you the produced episode file.

Simple Pricing

Podcast production can be messy. Your editing team's pricing shouldn't be.

$997 / month

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What's included

Unlimited edits (one active request at a time)
Fast - delivered in 2 business days
Unlimited podcast strategy coaching
Flexible - cancel anytime
Unlimited team members

A note from our founder, Erik...

In 2011, I was working a job I hated. It paid good money for a recent college grad, but I knew it wasn't what I was meant to do. I knew I wanted to start a business, but had no clue how.

I typed "startups" into Apple Podcasts, and found This Week in Startups and Mixergy. I was instantly hooked. I felt like I found mentors and a community. I proceeded to learn more about what's possible in life and business from podcasts than anywhere else in my life.

After listening to thousands of episodes from those shows and others, I knew I had two options:

1) Quit my job and go for it.
2) Stop listening to podcasts.

So, with no other plan than knowing I wanted to start something in the podcast space, I quit my job in 2014.

I took out all of my retirement money, and lived in one unit of a 3-unit multi-family home that I had bought and fixed up (so I didn't have a housing payment).

Since then I've been on a mission to help people use podcasting to build their companies and tribe.

Podcasting fundamentally changed my life, and I know how powerful it can be for businesses and creators to build an audience, create content across all of their channels, build relationships, drive revenue, and most importantly, make a difference.

We built Hatch to be your secret weapon so you can focus on your zone of genius instead of the technical aspects of podcasting.

Podcasting can get hard and lonely. You need someone in your corner to help you make the best content possible, but also to be that friend who gives you support, encouragement, and feedback along the way.

If you're looking to launch a podcast (or take one to the next level), we're here for you.


Founder, Hatch

What are you waiting for?

Grab some time with a Hatch expert below, and learn how we can help you launch, grow, and support your podcast.

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