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The world's first unlimited podcast editing and strategy for businesses who want a show they're proud of.

Podcast obsessed

You need a team who eats, sleeps, and breathes podcasting. That's us. Doctors have been confused for years as to how we live solely off podcasting. We don't have all of those answers, but we do have all of the answers to your podcast questions.

No detail too small

When it comes to your podcast, you can't afford to have a team just going through the motions. We believe details matter. Small details will make or break your show, and you deserve a team who pays attention to them. In fact, our middle name is "detail." Pretty weird (but cool), right?

Podcast easy button

Working with a team of podcast experts should feel like hitting a "Podcast Easy Button." We've built Hatch from the ground up to make it a breeze for you to have a world-class sounding podcast that's fun to make. It's that simple. If only we could use this "Podcast Easy Button" for everything else in life...sigh. One can wish.

Meet the team

We're a team of podcast nerds trying to take over the world. Actually, that's a tad too aggressive. We just really love podcasting, and want to help you build a show you're proud of.

Erik Jacobson
Jeremiah Rizzo
Head of Marketing
Eric Sirianni
Head of Audio
Katie Bush

What are you waiting for?

Grab some time with a Hatch expert below, and learn how we can help you launch, grow, and support your podcast.

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