About Hatch

We’ve helped 100+ companies create, launch, and produce their podcasts.

A note from our founder, Erik...

At Hatch, our mission is to help you create a podcast that not only sounds pro, but one that works.

We designed Hatch to solve for the things we believe are most important when it comes to creating a show that produces results for your business - strategy and editing.

All for the most affordable rate in the world.

Why did we focus on solving these two problems?

1) Without the correct strategy, your show will likely not lead to the business results you want (even if your execution is perfect).

2) The technical component of podcast editing is not something your team should be spending their time on (instead, that time is better served working on making the content the best it can be and marketing the show).

Let’s team up and make something special together!


Founder, Hatch

Our Leadership Team

Erik Jacobson

Founder & CEO

Erik got his start in podcasting back in 2015 working with podcasters like Tim Ferriss. Over the last 7 years, he has helped businesses execute podcast strategies that have driven millions of downloads and millions of dollars of value.

Chris Maffei

Production Manager

Chris Maffei is an elite audio producer from New York. He has previously worked as a producer in both commercial and public radio, and has been helping brands ensure their podcasts sound pro for 10+ years.

Eric "C" Sirianni

VP, Operations

Eric has been passionate about all things audio for 15+ years. He got his start in audio producing music and performing with bands across the nation. He has started podcasts from the ground up, and has now served as the lead audio expert for 100+ podcasts created by businesses to-date.