Video-first content production for B2B

We create video podcasts, video series, and short-form video content for B2B marketing teams who want to run an efficient content engine, and be seen as experts in their industry.

Send us your raw recordings from:

Live events Video series Podcasts Webinars Digital events Sales calls Customer callsSME guest-interview appearancesNative short-form recordings

And we'll professionally produce them into:

Full-length shows and seriesShort-form video clipsPodcast episodesWritten assets

So you can reach future customers on the social and content platforms they hang out on.

Used by leading B2B creators

Dave Gerhardt

Exit Five CEO & Founder

Chris Walker

CEO @ Passetto & Chairman @ Refine Labs

John Bonini

Founder of Content Brands

And top marketing teams.

Reach future customers with your content, wherever they hang out.

The companies who win their category will be the ones who create great content that gets seen, shared, and subscribed to.

Prospects want to buy from people they know, and companies they trust...

The ones they follow on social, who write their favorite newsletters, and produce their favorite podcasts and video shows.

But building a great content engine takes time...

Many are abandoned before they can generate results because they’re either too expensive, or require too much work from an already busy marketing team.

That’s where we come in.

We’ll produce your raw recordings into an efficient content engine of video podcasts, video series, and short-form videos, all designed to reach future customers on the social and content platforms they hang out on like LinkedIn, YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Tik Tok, Instagram, and more.

Get more out of every recording

Send us your raw recordings and we’ll send you…

Get seen and heard by the right audiences, in the right places.

Share more content on more platforms, so you can turn followers into customers.

One subscription, everything you need

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Simple & flexible

With one monthly rate and the option to pause services, Hatch offers an affordable, risk-free solution to making your content strategy sustainable.

Custom creative

We’ll get your creative preferences and tailor the look, style, and sound of your content to perfectly match your brand.

Full team access

Our platform allows any team member to contribute, streamlining the content creation process and maximizing team efficiency.

Dedicated Strategist

Get one-on-one strategy calls anytime you need feedback or guidance on your shows content, distribution, or growth strategies, helping you maximize the impact of your content.

Proven templates & playbooks

Use our best templates for creating, launching, and running a successful podcast and content engine so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Run a more efficient content engine

Spend less time editing,
and more time creating

Our platform allows any team member to contribute, streamlining the content creation process and maximizing team efficiency.

Do a lot,
with a little

A single team member can leverage Hatch to create a podcast, video clips, YouTube videos, social posts, newsletters, blog articles, and more. All for one low monthly rate.

Get better content
(and more of it)

The best content is great substance, packaged in great creative. Our audio and video are done by world-class creatives, not AI tools that would have you look and sound like everyone else.

your audience

Hatch helps you reach your audience where they hang out online, hold their attention, and turn them into followers and subscribers.

Convert your audience
into customers

Turn “out-of-market” potential buyers into “in-market” customers who only want to buy from you because of the attention you’ve held, and the trust you’ve built.

Multiply the growth of
your other channels

Great organic content makes your ad spend go further, your outbound more effective, and your customer acquisition cost lower.

Outsource the tedious, not the tactical

The best content is recorded and written by your team, not junior marketers at a content agency. With Hatch, you only pay to outsource the tedious and time-consuming parts of content creation.

Which lets you spend more time on the things you should never outsource: developing and recording original insights and unique content that your buyers will love.

B2B marketing teams love Hatch

Hatch is a great resource to quickly put together a killer show. On top of the execution, they're a helpful brainstorm partner.

Kyle Harrison

General Partner, Contrary Capital

“Hatch has the highest ROI out of any channel, agency, or vendor we currently use. They have been my biggest secret weapon over the last two years. Hatch helps me build an incredible show without burning out me our my team - they take the load off of our team, remove bottlenecks, help us post more consistently across all mediums, and they do this all in an affordable way.”

Dave Gerhardt

Founder, Exit Five

Before Hatch, I was running the whole production process for our podcast myself. Using Hatch has saved me (and now my team) a ton of time, and we’re able to produce episodes at a much higher quality than we were ever able to before.

Brook Perry

Head of Marketing, DX

I would highly recommend Hatch. Our team wanted to increase brand awareness through a video show and brief, eye-catching, and insightful short-form videos for social media. We turned to Hatch for strategic guidance and execution. The videos they've created for us have been viewed thousands of times, which helps us achieve our goals.

Rachel Lynch

Marketing Manager, Bain & Company

Working with the team at Hatch has been an absolute pleasure. They have made our podcast production efficient with their processes and quick turnaround times! I can also ask them for their opinion, advice, and expertise on all things podcasting, and they always deliver top-notch insights.

Kamela Nizio

Content Marketing Manager,

Hatch is one of a few organizations I truly enjoy working with. Working with them has removed any stress I had about our podcast. All we have to do is record, and from there I know it's in great hands. The production quality the Hatch team achieves on our recordings is next level, and our new + returning listeners continue to grow as a result.

Sam Kuehnle

VP of Marketing, Loxo

I could not be happier with Hatch. Working with Hatch has saved me 15 hours a week in editing time, and I can honestly say our podcast would not exist without them. I would recommend Hatch to everyone, without hesitation -- and I do.

Varia Makagonova

Director of Customer Marketing, Contentstack

We have been able to increase our episode output, and ensure consistent quality working with Hatch. We have had people ask how we maintain such a professional, high-quality podcast (especially as a small in-house marketing team). The expertise and professionalism from the Hatch team from day 1 has been unmatched.

Lenny Ohm

Head of Marketing, Accord

I would 10/10 recommend Hatch.They save me literally hours and hours of work every month. I have done all the post-production work on a podcast before, so I know exactly how much time and energy it takes to make an episode look and sound great. I am so grateful I can hand all of that off to Hatch and spend my time working on other projects.

Meredith Metsker

Director of Content and Community, uConnect

Hatch helped build our podcast and video shorts from scratch. Our YouTube channel went from less than 100 views per month to averaging 35,000+ views each month, and it will be at 50K+ views in no time. On top of that, we're onboarding a record amount of new clients each quarter. Many of them first discovered our company because of the content Hatch creates.

Thomas Schreiber

Director of Marketing, StrataPT